Friday, July 4, 2008


For the past couple of days, I've been trying Ganymede, the new Eclipse 3.4. So far, there are good things that I like, but there is one issue that made me go back to 3.3. First, the good things.

One of the nice features is an improved Javadoc hover. As a plugin developer, this feature has provided me with better access to Eclipse API. Also, the Javadoc hover shows the value of constants, but this shows how the constant is initialized, not its runtime value.
Another feature I like is marking read and write occurrances, giving a hint of where variables are being modified or just read.

The issue I am experiencing is with my Java EE environment. I tried to migrate my workspace from Eclipse 3.3 to Eclipse 3.4 and got the following errors in one of my "ear" projects:
- "IWAE0053E An internal error has occurred running validation on project:TheProjectEar]:TheProjectEar, check the log file for details"
Followed by errors like these:
- "The deployment descriptor of the module 'TheProjectEjb.jar' cannot be loaded."
- "The deployment descriptor of the module 'WebTheProject.war' cannot be loaded."

I haven't found a solution or an explanation yet, however when I switch back to Eclipse 3.3, I don't see this error anymore. As soon as I find what the problem is, I'll post my findings.

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