Friday, August 29, 2008

Eclipse Copyright Tool

The other day I tried the Copyright Tool, part of the Eclipse Releng Tools ( however I could not find documentation for it.

I was trying to update the copyright statements in our source code so I modified the copyright template in the preference page. Then I ran the “Fix Copyrights…” action and the copyrights changed but not with the text I specified in the template. Then I found this thread in Eclipse newsgroups explaining the difference between the "Fix Copyrights..." and "Advanced Fix Copyrights..." actions. The action that updates the copyright statement with the text in the template is “Advanced Fix Copyrights…” and it is available only in the Navigator view!
At the end, after playing a bit with it, I found this tool interesting but not useful for our specific case; it needs to be more customizable.

Hope this posting gives you some heads up…

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